Growing up involved in her culture and encouraged by her family, Trisha Sarker has made East Indian Dance not only her passion, but her inspiration as well. Since her family is from Bengal, she has been dancing to Bengali music since early childhood. Trisha’s choreographer, Ms. Sraboni Maiti, has guided this pursuit to connect with her culture.

At a young age, she began to study classical East Indian dancing in Edmonton, and after 10 years under her guru Ms. Kusum Koushik’s guidance, she graduated in 2004.

Trisha’s background is in Bharatanatyam, the oldest and most popular classical East Indian dance style. It encompasses various aspects including the art of dance, poetry, music, and drama. In Bharatanatyam, the dancer becomes one with the universe and narrates legends and mythology through intricate hand gestures, footwork, and facial expressions.

Appearing in news segments, magazines, and TV shows, Trisha has found many ways to promote and showcase her many talents to the main stream.

Trisha’s dancing has provided her with the opportunity to perform all over the world and receive many accolades. Her charisma and passion for dance allows her to expand her wings onto modern dance styles such as contemporary, Bollywood, and fusion.

Trisha’s Busy Work Life


Trisha is currently a very popular Fine Arts instructor with the City of Edmonton.

As the Executive Director, Trisha also provides strategic counsel for Fitness Industry Council of Canada’s corporate affairs and professional communications, which includes producing articles for various publications, event coordination, and leading national media campaigns. She is an accomplished business communications and media relations professional with a proven track record of influencing public opinion, policy, and legislative changes across Canada.

Trisha is also a sessional instructor at MacEwan University, teaching Advanced Business Writing.


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Trisha has a Master of Arts in Professional Communication degree from Royal Roads University and an undergraduate degree in Professional Writing from MacEwan University.